Jurassic Park Poster - Amblin 35

Jurassic Park

Movie Poster

I was invited to produce a Jurassic Park painting for the 'Amblin 35' exhibition held at Creature Features in Burbank, December 2016. My tribute poster is sketched digitally using Procreate with an Apple Pencil / iPad Pro and colored using Adobe Photoshop for Mac. I tried to highlight the most iconic moments from the movie and create a piece of art that all fans would love to hang on their walls.

Jurassic Park was the first movie-going experience that had a significant impact on my life. For 6 year old me, it was the most exciting thing I'd ever seen on screen and I couldn't get enough of anything related to the movie. As I became fascinated with how the Jurassic Park dinosaurs had been made, I remember having that 'wow' moment when I realized that movies like this were made by artists, and that one day I could work on projects just like this.

This piece is a tribute to featured artist Drew Struzan, an artist I have admired my whole life, to Steven Spielberg, who has made and been involved in so many of my favorite movies and to Amblin Entertainment, for celebrating 35 years of movie magic.

Jurassic Park Poster - Making of Stages
Jurassic Park Poster - Sam Neill as Alan Grant
Jurassic Park Poster - Pencil Sketch
Jurassic Park Poster - Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcolm
Jurassic Park Poster - Drawn with an iPad Pro & Apple Pencil using the Procreate app
Jurassic Park Poster - Wayne Knight as Dennis Nedry
Jurassic Park Poster - Velociraptor and T-Rex
Jurassic Park Poster - Amblin 35 exhibition at Creature Features in Burbank, CA.