Stranger Things : Tomb of Ybwen - Comic Cover Variant

Stranger Things - Tomb of Ybwen

Dark Horse Comics - Variant Cover

I was asked to create a variant cover for the Stranger Things - Tomb of Ybwen comic book series by Dark Horse Comics.

"The plot of the four-issue miniseries is already reminiscent of the classic 1985 adventure film The Goonies. In it, Will Byers and Mr. Clarke discover a "mysterious" map left by the late Bob Newby, who met his demise in Stranger Things Season 2. Will then gets the band back together, enlisting Mike, Lucas and Duncan to help him investigate. While on their adventure, however, the friends "find more than they could have imagined."

"Dark Horse's latest Stranger Things comic paying tribute to The Goonies certainly isn't surprising, seeing as how Sean Astin, who plays Bob in the Netflix series, starred in the beloved '80s film as main protagonist Mikey Walsh. Hence, Bob being prominently featured on Lambert's variant."

I created my variant cover using Procreate for iPad Pro and Adobe Photoshop for Mac.

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