The Thing - Limited Edition Poster Print

The Thing

Limited Edition Poster Print

I was contacted by the team at Printed in Blood to contribute a piece of artwork to their book celebrating the 35th anniversary of John Carpenter's The Thing. I decided it would be a fun challenge to attempt to create a poster in just 2 days.

After selecting key moments from the movie I sketched loose ideas in the Procreate app for iPad using pencil brushes. I developed my favorite poster composition into a grayscale drawing, which I then turned into a higher resolution, detailed outline sketch.

I exported the finished outlines into Adobe Photoshop, where I painted the basic color scheme using a digital airbrush and custom splatter brushes. To add the finishing touches I sent the artwork backwards and forwards between Photoshop and Procreate. I spent a total of 28 hours working on the piece, which will be included in the upcoming book release in 2017.

The Thing - Poster Art Stages
The Thing - Outlines
The Thing - Black and White
The Thing - Color
The Thing - Kurt Russell
The Thing - Closeup
The Thing - Closeup